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What kind of gift to I get for...?

First off...I%26#039;m a college student so I%26#039;m pretty short on I need a somewhat inexpensive gift.

I have a professor who has helped me out of lot this semester, and I want to thank him by getting him a gift.

He is a BIG plant person. Not like gardening or anything...but plants in general. He teaches Biology and loves photosynthesis and stuff. He%26#039;s in his late 40s early 50s.

I really want to get a gift that he will like....not just one that he%26#039;ll stick in a closet. Thanks!

What kind of gift to I get for...?
How about a nice clay planter/pot that you fill with goodies like a gift basket? Depending on the size of the pot, you could put some candy, coffee, tea, plant food, desk supplies, whatever his %26quot;favorite%26quot; thing is if you can find out, and then wrap the entire package with colored cellophane and a bow. Simple, quick, and relatively inexpensive (depending on what you put inside and if you find the pot on sale, which it might be at this time of year.)

Then again, I think that nothing trumps the value of a thoughtful, handwritten thank-you card.

Good luck with the gift and with the rest of the semester!
Reply:You could gift him a Bamboo Good Luck Plant!!!
Reply:HI, maybe you can try the following website. There is something especially for men. Join their %26quot;get the word out%26quot; promotion, you can get voucher for your purchase.
Reply:Go to your local nursery and see what they can do for you. Make your own card, it%26#039;s more personal and creative, with out using other ppls wording. Tell him how much you appreciated all of his help and so on....

After you buy the plant of your choice that fits your budget, go to wal-mart or target and get your own bowl to plant it in and potting soil. Don%26#039;t buy that kind of stuff at the nursery because it can get expensive. Good Luck.
Reply:How about a nice botanical print... he can hang it on his wall, either in his office or at home.
Reply:Remember, most of the time teachers/professors cannot accept outside gifts from students or whoever. It is against school policy. They do it because it%26#039;s their job and they should LIKE and want to help you. It%26#039;s a nice idea but, I suggest a greeting card will be a better idea.
Reply:I suggest a book on plants. It%26#039;s very considerate but not too personal.
Reply:How about a gift certificate to a local nursery? That way he can go to the nursery and pick a plant that he wants.


How to look after Orchid ?

I have received a stunning plant - Orchid as a gift, but i have no clue how to look after it...

Could someone advice me how to look after it.. to water and so on...

How to look after Orchid ?
You water them once a week and dont keep them in direct sunlight but also not in a dark room.

Eventually all the flowers will drop off and you just have to wait for them to all grow back again.
Reply:Here%26#039;s a good website that

has videos on how to care

for it.
Reply:My mum has loads of orchids, and she waters them once a week and stands them on the drainer so that they don%26#039;t sit in water. If possible find a glass container for them as their roots like to be exposed to the light.
Reply:i would water it every day and make sure its close to a window that has sunlight, but not that much

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Why can't people think for themselves?

Ok, this is about freedom and personal rights of individuals. As an American citizen you are gauranteed the right to life, liberty, and the persuit of happiness. Why does this not apply to a simple plant, given as a gift from God to man? Why do I have to hide my pot smoking when you can go to the bar and get drunk? Alcohol is more dangerous than marijuana by far, yet it socially acceptable. Companies throw parties with fully stocked bars, But God forbide you fail a drug test because you wanted to smoke a joint to unwind after a stressful day. In the U.S. every year more than 800,000 people are arrested on misdemeanor marijuana charges, these people are otherwise outstanding hard working members of the american work force; and thats only the fraction of people that got caught.

Its your duty as a free citizen to do something about this injustice because if nobody stands up, nothing gets done. Hemp could save the world with eco-friendly fuel, so pull your head out of your *** and decide.

Why can%26#039;t people think for themselves?
Hemp and marijuana aren%26#039;t entirely the same thing -- there%26#039;s one vital difference -- and that difference is what renders hemp legal and marijuana not.

There are negative effects of marijuana -- personally, I%26#039;m completely opposed to it%26#039;s use except for in medically appropriate cases. If you need to unwind -- go to the gym, take a walk, meditate, learn to play an instrument, talk to a friend. . . do something other than burn your brain-cells (but, I%26#039;m not really all that fond of alcohol, either).
Reply:Yea if you need weed to %26quot;unwind%26quot; after a hard day, you have something to be checked into. B8k3p is 100% right, go to the gym or something. Smoking shouldn%26#039;t be a means of stress relief.
Reply:Sounds to me like you%26#039;ve already been on the stuff too long. But if you insist on frying your brain, CA has a very liberal medical marijuana law. All you have to do is give a doctor about $250 (last I heard) and get a prescription. They even sell it to 13 year old kids.
Reply:99% of all progress is directly attributable to only 1% of humanity.
Reply:In American the government is:

jailing parents for refusing to vaccinate their children.

outlawing cough syrup for kids because of less than 2 deaths a year (out of 24 MILLION kids under 6) based on THAT they also need to outlaw swingsets, jungle gyms, cars, school buses, schools, houses, bathtubs and walking. Because more kids die from those things annually than cough syrup.

continuing prohibition on prostitution AND any drug. It did not work with alcohol, and has never worked on the other things, but it has made the government TRILLIONS and larger than ever.

You are not going to convince the sheep in this country to undo what has been done. Too many want the government to be our mommies and daddies and way too many rely on the government for their money.

Here is what you can do.

Vote out the incumbents

Quit smoking and start campaigning

And work hard and be successful THEN try to legalize it.

But good luck, Congress recently passed a law that if you dissent against the government in anyway, you are to be labeled a terrorist and your rights can be stripped. So off to Guantanamo!

We have not been a free country since prohibition was enacted way back when. Gave up our freedoms in the name of safety and security.

Reply:My theory is that weed as an experimental drug leads people to become non-conformist bleeding heart liberals.

This does not go over well with the rulers of america that need us submissive, working hard as slaves...
Reply:Your opinion presuppose that everybody has to agree with you on marijuana law. If you have a problem with it, get your representatives to change it. It is a law that is passed by the democratic process and just because you don%26#039;t like it doesn%26#039;t mean it is not the law.

Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness has nothing to do with drug law. The society still has an interest in regulating certain conducts. Should alcohol be outlawed? That%26#039;s an entire different debate. Just because alcohol is legal for adult doesn%26#039;t automatically mean it should be legal to smoke pot. It is not all or nothing. Also, light alcohol consumption does not post adverse effect on your health and is non-addictive. The same may not be true for pot.

My advice: Move to the Netherlands.
Reply:That%26#039;s your perspective. Many others who are more sovereign than you feel otherwise.

Theres lots of information on this issue I%26#039;ve read myself. I personally have noticed that hemp users certainly aren%26#039;t the biggest, baddest people on the block ...but I%26#039;ve also noticed that frequently, there is strange behavior by many of these folks. Certainly you can lose control of a car, or cause an accident, a fire etc. cuz your stoned. You aren%26#039;t powered by all you cylinders. You ain%26#039;t straight up!

I gave up trying to change the world some time ago. Much of what goes on with humanity is at the best questionable to my way of thinking. Humorously I say to my friends as we discuss issues that are not making sense to us per human behavior ...I%26#039;m embarrassed to be human!

Keep that in mind before you get too wild and crazy of a world that doesn%26#039;t want you or anyone else smoking weed.

Go down to Jamaica man, see how life feels down there to you. You might get a different incite.
Reply:I suppose it could be argued that adding another drug along side alcohol just doubles the existing problem of alcohol abuse.

It%26#039;s like many vices - most of them are relatively harmless in moderation, the problem is when someone gets physically or psychologically addicted to them, or indulges to excess.
Reply:the way i see it, most folks can%26#039;t make beer or harder alcoholic beverages, where pretty much anyone can grow a plant. now, uncle sam gets his fair share of the alcohol $$, how much would he get from someone tokin home grown? nada. and there you have the difference. why one is acceptable and the other is not.

least ways thats my opinion..:D

i agree about the hemp products, i%26#039;ve seen lovely purse and clothing made from hemp.. kind of expensive but pretty %26amp; DURABLE !! i%26#039;ve even seen hemp paper...wonder how many tree%26#039;s we%26#039;d save if we used hemp for paper instead...hmmm
Reply:Most people don%26#039;t care because in the end, pot is YOUR special interest, not theirs.

For example...

I don%26#039;t have a yacht, so even if there was some obvious policy injustice involving yacht owners, I wouldn%26#039;t be particularly motivated to write my congressman to do anything about it. Fortunately for yacht owners, they tend to be successful, well-to-do and politically-connected. They can lobby their congressman and solve their own policy problems.

Perhaps if pot smokers were successful, well-to-do and politically-connected, then maybe things would be different. ;) That might be a better goal for yourself than hoping something good will come from berating everyone else for not fighting for YOU.
Reply:I don%26#039;t need pot. So, what I hear you saying is that I need to fight for YOUR right to smoke pot.

But, since I don%26#039;t need it, I don%26#039;t feel like I need to fight for YOUR right to it.

Why not settle for another plant God gave to man... sweet basil. I grew some of that 2 summers ago. It was so fragrant... and the aroma was so soothing. My rabbits loved nibbling on the leaves I pruned. It tasted great in cooking... and before the first deep freeze of winter, I pulled all the plants up and we made pesto with it. It was AWESOME!

And, even better, sweet basil is perfectly legal.


Sweetie, I%26#039;ve got 3 relatives who are financial burdens to the family because of their need for pot. They can%26#039;t figure out why they%26#039;re so unmotivated, but they still want that pot. I don%26#039;t need to read government reports on pot, skewed or not. I have first-hand knowledge of its brain-deadening effects.

Like I said, I neither desire it nor need it. So, I really don%26#039;t pay it any mind at all.
Reply:I agree, and to think people are being jailed for years behind it when so many lives are taken from cigs and alcohol every year. That%26#039;s totally ridiculous.

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Have you ever heard Velvet ice cream?

Its only avalible in 26 states

I was wondering cuz I work there

have you ever visited the plant?

they have resturant gift shop tourist spot there ect...

we have thousands of people come every year

have you ever been there?

Have you ever heard Velvet ice cream?
I have never heard of it, but no biggie, I Iive in Nebraska, and we only have cornfields and Cornhusker fans here.
Reply:i%26#039;ve only heard of velvet cupcakes but now i really want 2 try that ice cream! guess its not available in my state because i had no idea what you were saying at first :)
Reply:Never heard of it.
Reply:i live in Va and i have never heard of it !!!! but it sounds cool!
Reply:» Never heard of it.
Reply:Yeah, I%26#039;ve heard of it. Never visited the plant.
Reply:Nope, sorry.
Reply:i heard of the ice cream that the flavor velvet ice crema but not a place
Reply:It%26#039;s a brand of ice cream.
Reply:Naw but have you eva heard of fist ice cream?
Reply:where is that at?
Reply:I%26#039;ve heard of it.

I%26#039;ve never tried it, though.
Reply:no, never heard of it

where%26#039;s it at?

does it taste good?
Reply:No but I%26#039;ve heard of prime rib ice cream...
Reply:not sure but tried velvet cake

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Can I carry few plants with me on my flight from UK to India?

I am going to India for a holiday and want to take a few flowering plants with me to gift my mother. Am I allowed to take them with me?

Can I carry few plants with me on my flight from UK to India?
You MUST be kidding. They will be tossed into the first trash can in the Airport
Reply:It depends on what plant and the laws in India. Propagative plants usually require a certificate or a permit to transport from one country to another.

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In Kentucky there is a gift shop/nursey for plants?

And i really want to know the website i got a card from there and it said that JANENE WELKER owns it And heres the address: PO box 469

6377 canton road cadiz, KY 42211

And it has a website address: but i tried it so many times and it does not work so please help me to find a one that does work!

In Kentucky there is a gift shop/nursey for plants?
hi there,no address or PO box with that info,this is what i found,maybe the business as changed hands or address,any way here goes


... David %26amp; Janene Welker 356 Canton Heights Area Two Cadiz, KY 42211 Virginia Alexander PO Box 609 Cadiz, KY 42211. Harry Wolstenholme 1155 Delmont Church Rd ...


now use this link,when the page comes up,click on the

capital word individual,use the left handside high lites,tells you all you want to know about CADIZ,

i tried the website you gave,but to no avail,nothing on the address either,hope you find this helpful good luck with your research..bye...
Reply:thank you... Report It

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Is my Poinsettia dieing :( {red leaves}?

Well ill im in highschool and dont know %26quot;to much%26quot; about growing plants, but are biology teacher gave all of us a plant as a christmas gift(2007), and I dont like seeing things like plants die, and currently it has %26quot;red leaves%26quot; but no flowers.

How do I get it to bloom again?


Is my Poinsettia dieing :( {red leaves}?
Depends on where you live..

Put it outside.. if your are where its warm enough, it would have died back in the winter in some parts and then came back.. I found this..

When the leaves have fallen (usually by late March or early April), cut the Poinsettia back to about 8%26quot; in height. Continue a regular watering program, and fertilize your plant with a good, balanced. By the end of May, you should see vigorous new growth. Transplant the Poinsettia into a larger pot (no more than four inches larger than the original pot).

Continue regular watering during the growth period, and fertilize every two to three weeks. Once all chance of frost has passed and night temperatures average 55° F or above, you can put the Poinsettia outside (being sure to bring it back in if there%26#039;s any chance the temperature will fall below 50° F)! If pruning is necessary to keep the plant bushy and compact, be sure pruning is done by September 1.

Then comes the hard part; complete light control. From October 1, the Poinsettia will need to be kept in complete darkness for 14 continuous hours each night. You’ll have to cover the plant with a black polythene bag or a large box, as any stray light, such as that of a streetlight or lamp, can stop the re-flowering process.

In the daytime, from October through December, the plant will need 6 - 8 hours of bright sunlight daily, with night temperatures between 60 - 70° F. Temperatures outside of this range can also delay flowering.

Following this regime faithfully for eight to ten weeks should give you a flowering Poinsettia for the Christmas season; the actual bloom time will depend on the particular variety.

This might help too ( its a excellent site)
Reply:You need to make sure it is not dry and put it somewhere light but not in full sun. If the diameter of the pot is less than a third of the height of the plant you need to re-pot it in a bigger pot with some nice compost. It would benefit from having a little plant food (Miracle-Gro for example) every two or three weeks.

The flowers on the poinsettia are very small, what you see are the red bracts that surround the flowers. Wait until the autumn and with luck as the daylight shortens this will trigger the plant to make red bracts again.
Reply:To get the plant to bloom again, you could make sure that it has a long, completely dark night every night for a couple of months. I usually put my poinsettias into a cardboard box each evening, starting in September or October, and put a blanket overtop to make sure that no light gets in, and then take them out in the morning. That way they form the red bracts by Christmas.

As far as keeping the plant healthy in general, make sure it gets adequate light and water, and fertilize it occasionally with a general purpose fertilizer. Repot it once a year or so, and prune it if it starts to get long and scraggly looking.
Reply:The red leaves are adaptation of leaves which turn red in color and resemble flower. During X-mas these red colored poinsettia are sold as gift. The flowers are not conspicous and are very small. There is nothing wrong with your plant. You can multiply these plants by cutting a shoot and rooting it in potted soil.

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